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Dan's Reviews

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My wife Diana and I are new to RV life and new to living in McCall during the winter months. We had some questions about using our water system during these winter months, so we called Dan. Instead of just answering my questions over the phone, Dan came by our home and answered our initial questions and more. He explained how our water system works as well as the electrical system and appliances. He told us what we were doing right and what we could improve upon to ensure we don’t have any problems when the temperature stay’s below freezing. He made some quick adjustments to a number of small things in our 5th wheel RV that will make life so much easier. During our time spent with Dan we learned he spent 36 years as an educator. After learning that, our interaction with him made perfect sense, as he gave my wife an I an education about our home and how to maintain it and live in it comfortably during the winter months here in McCall. Thank you for all of your help Dan, your assistance and advice is greatly appreciated. Sterling and Diana.

Thank you, Sterling and Diana for your kind words. It was a privilege to meet you and help you with your new RV experience. We were also able to repair some water leaks and a few other maintenance items. Hopefully, we will get some snow so you can enjoy your snowboarding hobby. Thanks also, Sterling, for your service to the state of Oregon by being a State Trooper. May God keep you safe as you serve. Dan

We were ready to head home and one of our slides would not come in. Dan came out on a Sunday and helped get the slide to come in. It was a very difficult process, but Dan did not give up. He kept at it until we could bring it in. Thanks Dan for your hard work.

I had a hot water fitting start leaking in my RV while camping at Cascade State Park. Per the recommendation of a friend, I called Dan and he came out on-time the following day. He arrived with the parts, made the repair, inspected the other connections and was finished quickly. Dan is one of those people that exudes professionalism and competence. I would definitely use his service again (although I hope I never need him again!)

Boy oh boy, if I could clone Dan, I would be so happy. We called Dan on a Saturday and he came out the next morning. Dan has a very agreeable personality. He knows his way around an RV. He asked really good questions…and he thought through solutions to our problems. He fixed a couple additional items that were a repair in the waiting. I never once felt like he was over repairing or over selling his repairs. Thank you Dan ! August 2023

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