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Service Details

Axle Service:  I specialize in wheel bearing service.  I go above and beyond the normal service and take each bearing down to clean metal and check for any hot spots, abnormal wear, or any visible damage to the bearings.  If a bearing needs replaced, I always replace the bearing race as well as the bearing itself.  All bearings are hand packed (this takes much longer, but is a better service).  New grease seals are always used as well.  I also check the brakes, and torque the lug nuts to the proper torque. This service runs $99.00 plus parts.

Roof Service:  I will inspect your roof for seam cracking and any vent damage.  I inspect the entire roof for its condition, then I will give an accurate estimate on repair costs.  I do not have a one price fits all philosophy.  Each service is different.


Plumbing:  I can repair all plumbing issues from leaks, to toilets, to water heaters, etc.


Electrical Systems:  I can repair the majority of electrical issues.  I am in the process of getting fully certified in refrigerator and air conditioning repair, so I only do limited high level repairs on circuit boards.


Generator Service:  I do all repairs and service for generators, including tune-ups and oil changes.


This list is only a portion of what I can do to help your RV experience be fantastic.  Please give me a call and we can visit about any issues that you are dealing with.  

We Service Travel Trailers, Motor Homes, 5th Wheels, Toy Haulers, Hybrids and Tent Trailers

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